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Jokes of terror Ghosts Sounds


Terror jokes with terrifying ghostly sounds, which will scare all your friends and your family. This application is somewhat different from the rest, since to spend the joke of ghostly sounds, first the user must choose an environment, and there himself to try to discover on your own where every Ghost is hidden. If you discover where the spectrum, you will know it after hearing a cry, a lament, a whisper, a cry of terror, or any other type of sound scary or shocking.The environment of this application will allow you to discover new and intense sound, to the extent in which you go discover 100% of the ghosts are you unlocked one to one other levels, to get to see the rest of scenarios and continue to enjoy all the sounds of terror available in our application.
The reason for entertainment is based primarily on these aspects:
-It's a horror game-It is also a collection of sounds and interesting ghostly cacophony.-If you get unlock all levels, the premium version will show real places, with their respective real cacophony, proven and certified by the means of communication.
You need to scare your friends, or if you need to scare your family, or better still, if you're addicted to fear and want yourself spend a death scare, since this application will get get goose bumps and hair-raising. Be careful, because the images are appalling, and may suddenly appear a spectrum with a horrible sound that you have to endure. Get scare your friends has never been so easy.
Ghostly sounds through the search for ghosts at different levels of the application, can be fun, because you enjoy it, as if it were a game. The most fun with the application is that you can get to pass each level with the simple act of discover 100% of the sounds that are hidden in the scene. Therefore, we recommend that you have good sight and touch precision to be able to discover different ghosts that lurk in the picture, you can get pass the level and move forward, to be able to complete the game and all levels.
It must be said that many achieved sound can be familar, since it is possible that they belong to some horror films from which you surely enjoyed. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of the whole, the most fun of this application is coming at the end of every level, because you will get unlock real-world scenarios, along with his legend, and the real sounds that represent or have left the presences that lived in those terrifying environments.
Do not delay too much, since the premium version will be available free for a limited time!
Do not hesitate and encouraged friends to share the application, to unlock new and fascinating worlds to continue playing with the detection of ghosts and sounds from beyond the grave to get frighten them and have fun.
The sounds of ghosts, are not tones of ghosts you can your program on your mobile. However, the premium version to be released soon, contemplates the possibility of programming them as ringtones for phone or even terrifying ringers. All this will arrive in time.